So, what’s the play about?

A befuddled man arrives at the crossroads of life with only a magic notebook, a pocketful of songs and the barking of his father to guide him.

Look, there he is now. That’s befuddled, that is.

FUTS show pic 4

Father Used To Say is a one man show, written and performed by Andrew ‘Skatz’ Scattergood, a hugely talented singer songwriter, playwright, actor and musician who has been performing for 30 years in the UK, while also appearing on TV, spending five years as a stand up comedian and being nominated for awards at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Look, here’s ‘Father’. Did you have someone like him when you were growing up?

FUTS show pic 3

Father Used To Say is the story of how the past can hold us back, how magic is made and how parents can drive us bonkers! Expect funny and heartwarming songs and characters in a show which also celebrates how the right words at the right time can be inspirational and send us laughing into the future.

Are you a little bit scared of the future?
FUTS show pic 2

Come and be inspired by this heartwarming tale of ‘Everyman’, the befuddled soul in all of us who just needs a story and a song to help him on his way. Ooh, there he is again. That’s the magic notebook putting words in his head.

FUTS show pic 1

And now the play is coming to Ireland. Why? Click on ‘Why Ireland?’ to find out.

Want to know how the show came about? Guess what, there’s a page for that too. Click on ‘How It Came About?’


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