How It Came About

So, what’s the story behind the play? How did it all come about? And why is Ireland so important?

Let’s answer the first two questions first.

Father Used To Say is more than a play. It’s a whole project about Inspiration. Here’s the press release that was sent out when it was all happening in Leicester in the UK. As you can see, it’s all aimed for the local press there. The show’s message is much more universal.

Father Used To Say is a one man show, written and performed by Andrew ‘Skatz’ Scattergood, a hugely talented singer songwriter, playwright, actor and musician who has graced the Leicester arts scene for 30 years, while also appearing on TV, spending five years as a stand up comedian and performing at the Edinburgh Fringe.

His show has been inspired by the people of Leicester. Skatz has been touring the city and county in 2013 with the show’s director Dawn Bowden gathering stories from its richly diverse communities. The question asked has been a simple one, ‘Who in your life has inspired you?’

(Here’s a picture of Skatz and Dawn the Director)

FUTS Skatz & Dawn

Father Used To Say is the story of how the past can hold us back, how magic is made and how parents can drive us bonkers! Expect funny and heartwarming songs and characters in a show which also celebrates how the right words at the right time can be inspirational and send us laughing into the future.

Skatz and Dawn have met people of all ages and walks of life, people from many different cultures, people with disabilities, people fleeing oppression in other countries, people who have travelled and people who have never left the county. The songs in the show are THEIR words.

Father Used To Say is Skatz’ personal swansong to the people of Leicester as he finally waves goodbye and moves abroad to Ireland. It’s his last chance to show what he is made of, say thank you and leave his voice ringing long after he’s gone.

The legacy of this project is already being felt. People are still talking about the story gathering sessions and sharing stories of inspiration. Voice recordings have been gathered along the way for the Leicester Oral History Archive so that future generations can understand what shaped and inspired the generations we live in.

There, that’s the press release. So, why is Ireland important? Click on ‘Why Ireland’ for the answer.


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