Why Ireland?

Yeah, why is Ireland so important to the show?

Why? Because Skatz (he’s the writer and performer, in case you’ve missed that bit) has moved there, that’s why. Fallen in love with the place, lock stock & barrel, head over heels.

Ireland fed his inspiration just like the stories ha gathered fed the script of the play. It’s all so closely linked that the character he portrays in the play could be himself, trying to move on. But it’s not. It’s you. It’s me. It’s every one of us. Everyone who has stood at the crossroads of life and quivered at the thought of the difficult path ahead. Because we all need inspiration to move forward.

Ireland was his inspiration, and still is. Let Skatz be your inspiration as he tells you the story of Everyman and shares with you the story of how he got to South West Kerry, out there by the coast, where the scenery is spectacular, the night skies are brimming with stars and the people have the warmest of hearts.




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