Special Poem – ‘My Soul’

This poem was written at one of the story gathering session by the whole group, and shows the value of random ideas.

The group were asked to answer a few questions about people who were important to them, then tear up the sentences to put into a hat. We then each drew out a sentence or phrase and that was the order of the poem. Came out really well I think:


My Soul


His nose and his cap

Warm lovely person, smells nice


Sweet fruity sensual delicate

School skiving drinking

My artist friend short and chirpy

Always up for a laugh

Like I say

She took a positive approach to life

She seemed to be entirely motivated by love

Like an extension to myself

Large Afro-Caribbean lady from Barbados

Silly in the Scilly Isles

Blonde hair

A natural body odour

Go to the bookies

In her nighties, eccentrically dressed

Strings of beads and amber amulets

Head like the Himalayas, snow top lined

Lived in

Like marshmallow softness

Soft and powdery, bejewelled and jangling

They are the love of my life

Supportive like a walking stick for my mind

Very pretty

Think of someone who is special to you

A very engaging character

Never a dull moment

My Mum looks like my Mum

In the face of eternity nothing really matters

Quiet but dangerous

My soul


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