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11 thoughts on “Stories

  1. I’ll start the ball rolling. I’ve been inspired recently by 2 people for very similar reasons. They’re both full of the joys of life, both really lovely and helpful, and both have inspired me to write songs about them.
    If you want to hear the songs, look to your right under the title ‘other related websites’ and click on ‘Skatz’ songs’. This will take you to a website where there are loads of my songs and videos. Look for the videos called ‘Mortimer Moriarty’ and ‘Fluffy’ and play them. They’re my inspiration!

  2. I was lucky enough to be brought up making things. At the age of three I had a tiny workbench in my dad’s shed where I worked along side him, making models and dolls furniture from balsa wood. I had real tools; saws, hand drills, hammers and nails. I learned how to use tools safely, how things fit together, how to make things works. It was just normal.
    Seven years ago I quit an office job to become a professional designer-maker and now run my own teaching studio alongside my writing and design work. Although I didn’t realise it for many years, it was those early years with my dad that made me the maker I am today.

    • Thanks Ruth. Anything else you particularly remember about those times you were working beside him? Any smells or sounds that send you back to that time? Any words of encouragement, or was it just his presence and a desire to be like him that gave you the inspiration?

  3. After years of singing along to other people playing the guitar, I met a chap who sat me down and played me the album “Blue” by Joni Mitchell. From the moment it began to the final note I was inspired to learn the guitar and write my own songs. From that day until the end of my life, Joni Mitchell has and will be my inspiration.

  4. Three big things have inspired me recently. First of all, the athletes and volunteers at the Olympics and Paralympics. I could spend hours listing individuals and their stories and still miss some out. Stories don’t have to be world-shatteringly brilliant to be truly inspirational, but some of theirs were. And some were just about volunteers keeping everyone smiling and feeling good. Doing that all day for a fortnight is difficult, it takes effort. The standing ovation they were given at the end of the Paralympics was such a wonderful tribute.
    Secondly, some of the stories about the survivors of 9/11 were an inspiration. Although I am dubious about placing some of those horrific images back into my head by watching programmes which replay them over and over again, I always come away feeling so positive about never giving up hope and helping others.
    And right in the middle of all of this Olympic loveliness and surprising 9/11 positivity came the news that Andy Murray had won the USA Open Tennis. The first Brit since Fred Perry in 1936. And after that speech he made after losing at Wimbledon this year which showed his emotions to the world, I was willing him on. To lose on the way up to the top and keep going, keep trying, keep getting better in one of the only sports where you play for anything up to 5 hours on your own, against people like Nadal and Federer and Jokovic who seem to be supermen, really couldn’t fail to give me strength when facing up to what are much less difficult obstacles in my life.

  5. A very short story to start with:

    My Father always told me to try my best and that’s all you can do. Succeed or fail, if you’ve tried your best you can do no more. I’ve followed his advice all my life, I’ve failed and I’ve had success but the end result is I’m Happy. :-).

  6. I am so lucky to be the one that FLUFFY is written about, I am Fluffy the Rainbow child. Smile, turn all of the negatives into fluffy and your life and everyone elses will be fluffy. Thanks for thinking I’m inspirational Skatz xx

  7. My father, who used to be a debt collector, gave me two significant and very helpful pieces of advice. The first was that if you’re ever collecting a debt from someone who doesn’t want to pay it, you should never break the law, because, however much they owe you, it will never be worth it. Within that boundary, you then do whatever you need to do to make sure that person never wants to see you in their premises ever again. Then all you have to do is tell them you’re coming back, and the debt will be paid. The second, equally helpful, piece of advice is never eat grapefruit with your glasses on, because the juice goes everywhere.

  8. It has taken his passing for me to realise what an important role my dad has played in my life and how he has influenced my values.

    My dad Jack grew up in Norbury, South East London. His mother died when he was 8 years old and he and his brother Ron were then brought up by their dad Frank. He had a ‘no frills’ childhood as Frank was very strict. There was an expectation that the fire should be lit and the potatoes on the boil when Frank walked through the door after work. Dad and Ron were evacuated during the war to Northampton and on one occasion they were so unhappy they ran away. Frank had to bring them home!

    Dad left school at 15. Always the Joker in class, he left with no qualifications but armfuls of common sense. He followed his dad into the printing trade and eventually he owned his own printing business.

    Dad was a brilliant listener. He was also very funny. A great combination making him great company. Everyone who met him liked him. He was a socialist with a huge amount of empathy. He once said after my brother Paul had killed a wasp.. ‘Poor chap….. he didn’t ask to be a wasp did he?” That empathy extended out to people and he would sometimes sympathise quite controversially! There is a famous quote which I love from To Kill a Mockingbird: “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it” That was dad’s viewpoint on people and life.

    I will finish by saying something important. Dad was NOT a saint. He would hate to be viewed that way. He loved a drink and he could be quite outrageous. He was an atheist and described religion as ‘a load of twaddle’ However he was a very kind man and I am sure that if he is wrong about the religion thing, he will be up there with the best!

    • Thanks Dawn. I should say in reply that I have now written a song called ‘My Dad Jack The Lad’ which I will be recording along with other songs from the show. So there may be a CD eventually too. Watch this space.

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